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Are you feeling you’ve lost control to big business and oil-rich nations?


Consider driving more conservatively, and being sure your truck is operating as efficiently as possible! If you’re getting 4 mpg now, and fuel is $3.50 per gallon, consider the savings you’ll realize by increasing your fuel economy by…


If you’re currently getting 4.0 mpg, and you’re driving 100,000 miles per year, you’ll save more than $29,000 in fuel costs by increasing your fuel economy to 6 mpg (if fuel is $3.50 per gallon). Savings will be less if the price of fuel drops, but will increase if the price of fuel rises!

Fuel Saving Tips

Did you know:

  • Engine idling can consume upwards of a gallon of fuel per hour.
  • Reducing idling time by 30% could improve fuel economy by approximately 0.25 mpg.
  • Fuel economy will change approximately 0.1 mpg for every 1 mph speed change above 55 mph.
  • In other words, reducing your speed from 70 mph to 65 mph can increase your fuel mileage by approximately 0.5 mpg!
  • For example; traveling 250 miles at 65 mph instead of 70, would take only 12 minutes longer but would save approximately 7 gallons of fuel or about $25.00!
  • Using cruise control (where highway conditions allow) can improve fuel economy by another 0.3 – 1.0 mpg.
  • It is recommended that Valve adjustments (and injector adjustments on overhead cam engines) be done annually to maintain optimum performance and fuel economy.
  • A 1° misalignment on one axle could increase fuel consumption by around 5%.
  • Tires that are 10 psi under-inflated will result in a 1-1.5% increase in fuel consumption.
  • All tires are at their least fuel-efficient when new. As a new tire wears, the rolling resistance decreases and fuel economy improves.

Call today and make an appointment for…

A computerized diagnostic history of your engine: You’ll be surprised what you see — some customers experience up to 60% idle time! Others find an extensive history of driving at 1600-1800 rpm, when manufacturers suggest 1350-1550 rpm! Also, other operating inefficiencies become plainly visible with a quick diagnostic! We’ll download a history of your engine and then interpret the results and consult with you about ways to improve fuel economy.

Total time, including download and consultation: approximately 45 minutes.
Computerized diagnostic history: $75

Maximizing your uptime and keeping your truck operating as efficiently as possible are our goals!

Call today and make an appointment for your diagnostic history at any of our 3 locations.

One Mack Ave. Manchester, NH 03103 – 800-370-6225
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