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To fully staff all of McDevitt’s business activities, the company has roughly 115 employees. Illustrating its commitment to service, about 30 of these employees are service technicians. McDevitt makes sure its customers receive only trucks that are in top condition.

Service Tip:

In all heavy-duty diesel engines, an initial seat-in/wear-in of the inlet and exhaust valves takes place. This wear-in affects the balance adjustment of the valve yokes and also decreases the valve lash and engine brake slave piston lash. The major amount of this wear-in occurs during the first 50,000 miles after which the rate levels off. Readjusting valves at 50,000 miles to specifications will eliminate component loadings which can result in breakage of the engine brake and valve train components. After the initial adjustment, the valve adjustment interval remains at 150,000 miles or 4,500 hours. Failure to perform valve adjustment may affect warranty coverage.

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