Truck Service

Night Shift Is Open!

Back by high demand, our night shift will be open for service Monday thru Friday from 3:30pm to 12am. This way, you can schedule your appointment at a later time that is more convenient for you and your team.

Ready to make your appointment? Fill out the form here or talk to one of our advisors at 603-621-8257 or email our team at .

At Your Service

To fully staff all of McDevitt’s business activities, the company has roughly 115 dedicated employees. Illustrating its commitment to service, more than 30 of these employees are service technicians. McDevitt makes sure their customers only receive trucks that are in top condition before hitting the road.

Is Your Truck Ready For Inspection?

Stay ahead, with regular scheduled maintenance check-ups and springtime tune-ups. Tune-ups will help extend the life of your truck and will help prevent break downs for when you need your truck the most.

So, what are things you should have tuned up? Your alignment and suspensions take a huge toll from all that salt and slush which can be abrasive and can wear the seals of your trucks. Common issues like going over potholes, jarring of plows, or even driving over cement curbs are all ways your alignments can become skewed. Filters and fluids, are the trucks first line of defense against winter soot. Having new properly installed filters and clean fluids keep a truck running more efficiently which keeps you on the road and not in the shop.