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Western Star trucks were founded on the belief that the driver is the most valuable asset in trucking. Whether you’re a logging truck operator in Colebrook, NH or a dirt hauler in Manchester, NH, Western Star always keeps the driver in mind.

With drivers in mind, Western Star revolutionized their trucks based off four aspects, dependability, safety, uptime, and style. To ensure success, their unique manufacturing process requires that virtually every aspect of the truck is hand-inspected so drivers stay on the road and out of the shop. With their vast array of component choices, it enables drivers to customize a Western Star to their specific application.

A premium truck needs the support of a premium Western Star truck dealership like McDevitt Trucks. McDevitt has the resources and tools necessary to support your Western Star dream truck throughout its lifetime — from top-notch Western Star truck parts to service support from factory-trained personnel. Worried about financing? Don’t be — with expert financing available from Daimler Truck Financial, we’re helping more and more drivers realize their dream of owning a Western Star tractor truck.

Truck Models


4700 SF, SB
4800 SF, SB
4900 SF, SB, EX



4700 SF, SB
4800 SF, SB, TS
4900 SF, SB, EX, XD, TS



4700 SF, SB
4800 SF, SB, TS
4900 SF, SB, XD, TS



4800 SF, SB
4900 SF, SB, EX, XD

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