Western Star Trucks – 4900 SA

Western Star 4900SA

Western Star 4900 SA

The Western Star 4900 SA is custom-built with a set-back configuration for off- and on-highway applications. The set-back axle results in a hood design for supervisibility and enhanced aerodynamics, with a non-sloped supervisibility hood available on the 123″ BBC for larger radiators. Available as a Sleeper Cab in four configurations and sizes with a million dollar feel. The 4900 SA can also be easily converted to day cabs. 4900 SA and its set-back front axle for increasing the body load to the front axle make it a perfect fit for on-highway bulk hauling . And with plenty of weight-saving options to choose from, the 4900 SA is the ideal choice for on-highway bulk haulers across North America.

Western Star Truck Features

Western Star was founded on the belief that the driver is the most valuable asset in trucking. Whether it’s a mining truck operator in West Virginia or an over-the-road owner-operator in British Columbia, we always keep the driver in mind.

Our cabs include the finest amenities in the industry, with unmatched interior space to keep drivers comfortable. Our unique manufacturing process requires that virtually every aspect of the truck is hand-inspected, ensuring that drivers stay on the road and out of the shop. And our vast array of component choices enable you to customize a Western Star to your specific application.

A premium truck needs the support of a premium dealership. Western Star’s growing dealer network has the resources and tools necessary to support your dream truck throughout its lifetime — from top-notch parts to service support from company-trained personnel. And with expert financing available from Daimler-Chrysler Services, we’re helping more and more drivers realize their dream of owning a Western Star.

Lancaster, NH
19 Bridge St.
Lancaster, NH 03584
Phone: (603) 788-2504
Toll Free: (800) 268-0065

Sales Department
Fred Smith
Sales Manager
Phone: (800) 268-0065, Ext. 5815

Service Department
Greg Hatfield
Service Manager
Phone: (800) 268-0065, Ext. 5822

Parts Department
Moe Parent
Parts Manager
Phone: (800) 268-0065, Ext. 5816

Manchester, NH
1 Mack Ave. – P.O. Box 4640
Manchester, NH 03103
Phone: (603)668-1700
Toll Free: (800) 370-6225

Sales Department
Jim Lagana
General Manager
Phone: (800) 370-6225, Ext. 8315

Larry Mulcahy
Phone: (603) 512-6776

Matt McDevitt
Phone: (978) 880-8537

Service Department
Dwight Purington
Service Manager
Phone: (800) 370-6225, Ext. 8264

Parts Department
Mike Wells
Parts Manager
Phone: (800) 370-6225 Ext. 8335

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